The Lazy Writer gets no Flavored Macadamias

So last night I went to pick up a prescription at our local 24-hour pharmacy. By “Local” I mean the one a few miles from our home. The hubby asked me to bring dinner home, so I picked that up before remembering I needed to go to the pharmacy.

Siiiigh! There’s an option on their site to have prescriptions shipped. While navigating through the back-streets to get to the out-of-the-way store, I decided to set that up. What a hassle, driving out of my way every three weeks like this!

When I got there, I grabbed some milk (Deia drank the last of it last night) and headed to the pharmacy area to pick up the prescription I’d put in a few days before. Apparently it wasn’t ready yet…ugh! So I wandered the store, checking out the baby stuff and food (mmm….food). Recalling my current macadamia cravings, I wandered over to the nuts area and found something VERY interesting! Mauna Loa Maui Onion Macadamias!! I’ve never seen them in any flavor but “Macadamias.” After a quick glance at the nutrition facts, they were in hand ready for acquisition. As I wandered back toward the pharmacy area, looking over the vitamins and pain killers, I decided Flavored Macadamias were perfectly reasonable to go out of my way to get every three weeks. Nomnomnom!

I guess the point is, even if things seem like a hassle, you can always find something to make it awesome instead! 😀 Sometimes it just takes wandering around a little before you discover it, but it’s right there waiting for you to be all “OMG AWESOME” and go visit every so often.


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