The ever important Word Count

According to, my two short stories fall between the “Flash Fiction” and “Short Story” categories. I’ve long wondered how to tell the difference between all the names bandied about on forums everywhere. Thanks to Google, I’ve got a much better idea, though fictionfactor seems to be talking mainly about print books. I’d imagine the same rules apply for eBooks as well, and they seem reasonable, so I’ll use them.

Based on their chart, my (unfinished) stories currently fall in these categories:

  • Witch World: Start of the End – Novellette (will probably end up being a Novella)
  • Sara Flynn, At Your Service – Novellette (will be a Novel, probably not an Epic…but who knows!)
  • The Undragoning of Meryl Bennett – Short Story (Will probably stay one, or be a very short Novellette)
  • 2030: AI – Well….this one has 0 words. Micro-Fiction! Hah…still not sure if this will be a Novel or not. It is definitely as wiggly as jumping beans in my head.

Now I just need to conjure another short story for the Ben Phelan series. To do that, I have to figure out whether it’ll be a campfire-type series, or a rundown on the Phelans. Perhaps my next one can be a campfire how-it-all-began. I can see that falling into the Short Story guidelines quite easily. Anybody have any thoughts? Perhaps Richard or Jsean13 (or someone else!) would interested in writing campfire stories from the perspective of the other unnamed kids? We could do a compilation of shorts and give the proceeds to a charity or something. Horror for Charities!

In other news, this stupid thing on my arm is finally coming off tomorrow, along with the stitches. I plan on scrubbing the arm really well with a hot shower before exposing the world to it. It probably looks and smells disgusting, even after only two weeks. Yiiiick!

  1. I think Flash fiction is the least defined of the genres.  It is only just not coming into its place.  And in most awards it is lumped in with Short Stories.  But the talent and structure of a story under 1,000 words is incredibly complex.  It really needs to be its own category cleanly.  Micro Fiction, and now this 140 character (Twitter) fiction is even tougher.  Though I have read some complete stories under 100 words, most feel more like a writing prompt to me.

    I've not done much in the way Campfire stories, and horror is not my strong genre.  Also, if you want to check out a Horror for Charities type book, check out Horror for Good

    P.S. your link to my site is wrong.

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