Scared Muse!

My muse is scared! I am, too. I’ll be having Elbow Surgery tomorrow morning (EEEEEEK!) on my dominate arm (EEEEEEK!!!!) and my orthopedic doctor said, “You’ll be in recovery for 4-6 weeks.”

AAAAAAAH!!!! OK, enough with the exclamation marks. I’m honestly relieved to finally get it resolved. The list of things to do once my arm is back in the game keeps growing. In no particular order:

  1. Hold DeiaDeia in my OTHER arm
  2. Tickle Jaiden
  3. Finish the SECRET PROJECT for Richard Flores
  4. Enjoy the hubby more thoroughly >.> (oh wait, TMI!)
  5. Write Write Write Write!
  6. Draw Draw Draw Draw 😀
  7. Finish “The Undragoning of Meryl Bennett”
  8. Finish “Sara Flynn, At Your Service”
  9. Play some DCUO (if the new changes don’t make it suck)
  10. Clean up my office at work (the Boss Man is up in arms over my cable management system. It consists of dangling cables wherever I can so he can trip over them)
  11. Resume workouts so I can get my muscle back. Having babies is hell on muscles. It’d be nice to be able to pick up my 50lb kid again 😛 You know, the almost-six-year-old…giant child? He’s like a tall, skinny WEIGHT! Heavy heavy! Anyway.
  12. Tickle Jaiden
  13. Throw away the ginormous bottle of Ibuprofen I’ve been living on the past few months. Nomnom Ibucandy.
  14. Bash my elbow into more door-ways (OK — maybe not!)

Anybody have a good deal on bubble wrap? Perhaps I should consider encasing my elbows in it. Jaiden runs into walls, I bash my elbows into doorways.

Last week I was on a Muse Roll (they’re really good with ketchup) and surpassed my original intent of “Short Story” on a Muse-fueled dream-turned-story I’ve named “The Undragoning of Meryl Bennett.” As a result, the story is…well, half-way finished. Maybe more, maybe less. So far Meryl has been leading a merry chase with that human male she found, and I have no idea when she’ll be done telling her story. My Muse is as distractable as I am so we keep seeing shinys everywhere. Wheeee! It’s already at approximately 5,000 words. At what point is it no longer a short story anyway?

In the meantime, another story I’ve been working on has gotten more complicated. “Sara Flynn, At Your Service” has finally finished introducing all the characters (I think??) at the 8,000 word mark. It’s not a slow story, just a long one. The hint-of-trouble has finally been suggested, and one of the freshly introduced characters has informed me (and the main character) of some interesting stuff regarding ANOTHER character. Drama! No, not really. Well, maybe. We’ll see.

Oh oh oh!! By the way! The Amazon Books I’ve got up at the moment will be going Free again on Sunday April 8th and Monday April 9th (Happy Easter!). See my previous post for links to them. Don’t forget to write a review for ’em if you do grab them. If you’d like to critique, please respond on my blog so we can get a discussion going. 😀

Happy Monday! I’ll be out of work all week cause of the surgery, but I’ll be thinking of all you busy bees out there 🙂 Well, in-between Vicodin-induced naps. Snoooooooore.

Happy Easter! If any little ones pop up in 9 months we’ll all know Eostre was doing her job 😉

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