It’s Bedtime, Moo! available in paperback now!

My daughter has already made the proof we received of “It’s Bedtime, Moo!” quite dog-eared from reading it over and over and over. She has mastered “her” parts, specifically “YAY! DUCKY!” and “BRUSHA BRUSHA BRUSHA.”

Considering she was part of the inspiration for the book, that’s totally cool with me!

The proof was quickly approved once she let us glance at it long enough to determine that the important bits weren’t lopped off. Our copy came out quite well! You can now purchase it on Amazon (as well as Createspace). It should be available online at other bookstores in the coming days.

Pick up your copy on:
Barnes & Noble

Here’s the book in action:

Deia and the first Moo book, ‘It’s Bedtime, Moo!’

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