Elbow Surgery

Deia and I hunting for Easter eggs

I’m slowly learning to type one-handed. If I could use my dominant hand instead, it would be vastly easier. This Thursday will be the unveiling-of-the-arm, when my doctor will remove this splint and the stitches in my elbow. They’re saying another month for physical therapy is necessary, but I’ve been using it somewhat with out any issues. The meds were making me sick so I had to stop them. Considering prior to the op I was downing 8+ ibuprofen a day, not needing any is a huge stride. There is no pain at all except when the hubby bumps into it, but that’s probably because of the plaster splint jabbing my stitches.

I’ve discovered Cabin Fever is really bad when you can’t use an appendage. I call it “Appendage Fever.” You get these needs to do things you can’t because you are tired of being unable to do what you used to. For instance, I’m typing this on my phone because it’s easier to use one hand on an app. I type a lot for my job, and I’ve kept my typos to a minimum while using one hand, but that’s mostly because I’ve had to do that a lot the past few years. The anticipation of getting my arm “back” has also made it hard to come to terms with the whole thing. In the end, though, a few weeks of disuse vs the rest of my life is a no-brainer. I’ll take one surgery for $6500! (yay for tax returns!)

In other news, Meryl’s story got steamy a few nights before my surgery. I mentally tell myself stories as I fall asleep unless they’re stories I’m actively writing (forgetfulness, bored muse, etc) so now I’m all antsy wondering what’s gonna happen next! Eep!

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