It’s Bedtime, Moo! – New Book, New Series!

After a recent round of doodling cows and krakens for my children, two good friends in my life suggested that I write a book for children. Believe it or not, there is an unfinished children’s book somewhere on my stove of books-to-finish! Gasp, an unfinished book? Say it isn’t so!

Given how long it took me to finish the illustrations for my nephew’s book, Daddy is Tired, I was surprised by how much more quickly this one was completed. It helped quite a bit that I had that surgery on my elbow back in 2012, of course! Ever since, I’ve been relatively pain-free. It still twinges occasionally. Sometimes before weather changes, but usually if I’ve been over-using it.

In any case, Moo and Friends is one of my favorite set of characters I’ve ever drawn. My Mom still loves the “Fruity Friends” I drew ages ago (Mango Man, Nataline Nectarine…I was such a goober when I was a kid!), but I haven’t really thought much about them in over a decade. I only remember them when Mom mentions them 😛

What I call “Original Moo” is a representation of my daughter, who loves cows. The Moo featured in “It’s Bedtime, Moo!” is actually my daughter’s favorite stuffed animal, who also happens to be named Moo. I know, it’s so confusing! Moo wasn’t her first word, but she’s been using it extensively for over half of her life. She’ll be three in September, to give you an idea of how much she loves the word. Her collection of plushie Moos has grown exponentially over the past two years, starting around her first birthday when she met the first Moo (who is the Moo featured in this book). She gave Moo the biggest hug of her life, and they’ve been inseparable ever since. We did have to buy her first…

I hope you enjoy this first book in a planned series of Moo books! The ideal age-range to enjoy this book is 5 and under, although you may enjoy it even if you’re 90!
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