Website Move and Update

In case you haven’t noticed, we moved to Blogger! WordPress is a great product, but Blogger has a lot of features built-in and doesn’t require constant updating to the latest version. Apparently if there’s an update, it happens automatically. That’s pretty cool!

By my calculations, it’s been almost a YEAR since I last posted an update! In that time, I’ve turned 30, my oldest finished first grade, and my youngest started on her Terrible Twos. I’ve changed jobs, too!

The books I’ve been working on are still being written, I promise! The time-table’s definitely changed, though. I’ve started a few other creative projects (and even finished some), so I haven’t completely abandoned creativity 🙂

I’ve been working on some children’s books for my daughter using my “Real” name. It’s not that I think I can write a better children’s book or anything, but I really want to teach her certain concepts my way. The hubby thinks my story ideas are a bit out there, but he thinks I’m an Odd Duck. I don’t even quack! I think of myself as more of a kitty, you know? Apparently that is part of what makes me an Odd Duck. Sigh!

I do plan to finish Meryl’s story by the end of this year, so look for the Smashwords’ link in the future! 😀

Jean Hopkins writes stories about whatever her mind can find words for. Jean spends her spare time reading Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance and the odd Mystery book. She loves playing Strategy and RPG video games, doodling with her Digitizer (what they called ‘em before they called them Wacoms), and chasing her son and daughter everywhere. Jean Hopkins has a different name in the Real World. She goes by Jean Hopkins as a shout-out to her Grandmother, one of the largest influences in her life. Jean says: Hey guys! I hope you all enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoyed dissecting plot-lines, cursing dialog, and getting lost in the lives of my characters. Have fun! Laura Flores writes as Jean Hopkins. Her art can be found under the name lorikitty.

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