The Lazy Writer gets no Flavored Macadamias

So last night I went to pick up a prescription at our local 24-hour pharmacy. By “Local” I mean the one a few miles from our home. The hubby asked me to bring dinner home, so I picked that up before remembering I needed to go to the pharmacy.

Siiiigh! There’s an option on their site to have prescriptions shipped. While navigating through the back-streets to get to the out-of-the-way store, I decided to set that up. What a hassle, driving out of my way every three weeks like this!

When I got there, I grabbed some milk (Deia drank the last of it last night) and headed to the pharmacy area to pick up the prescription I’d put in a few days before. Apparently it wasn’t ready yet…ugh! So I wandered the store, checking out the baby stuff and food (mmm….food). Recalling my current macadamia cravings, I wandered over to the nuts area and found something VERY interesting! Mauna Loa Maui Onion Macadamias!! I’ve never seen them in any flavor but “Macadamias.” After a quick glance at the nutrition facts, they were in hand ready for acquisition. As I wandered back toward the pharmacy area, looking over the vitamins and pain killers, I decided Flavored Macadamias were perfectly reasonable to go out of my way to get every three weeks. Nomnomnom!

I guess the point is, even if things seem like a hassle, you can always find something to make it awesome instead! 😀 Sometimes it just takes wandering around a little before you discover it, but it’s right there waiting for you to be all “OMG AWESOME” and go visit every so often.


Jean Hopkins writes stories about whatever her mind can find words for. Jean spends her spare time reading Science Fiction, Fantasy, Romance and the odd Mystery book. She loves playing Strategy and RPG video games, doodling with her Digitizer (what they called ‘em before they called them Wacoms), and chasing her son and daughter everywhere. Jean Hopkins has a different name in the Real World. She goes by Jean Hopkins as a shout-out to her Grandmother, one of the largest influences in her life. Jean says: Hey guys! I hope you all enjoy reading my stories as much as I enjoyed dissecting plot-lines, cursing dialog, and getting lost in the lives of my characters. Have fun! Laura Flores writes as Jean Hopkins. Her art can be found under the name lorikitty.

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