Welcome to the blog of writer Jean Hopkins! There are a number of books I’ve got in the works at the moment, which I hope to be sharing with you all in time. My muses are Dreams, People-Watching (why yes, I do have a staring problem!), and Family. Throw in a dash of imagination and what-if and you’ve got a plot! I’m often accused of being a Grammar Cop, but you’ll find within this blog the truth of the matter is I’m merely sensitive to misspellings and extreme grammatical discord. Years of blogging, IMing, txting and chat-rooms has deadened me to most Internet colloquialisms TYVM. I do get severely disjointed when someone misuses Your, You’re, its and it’s, along with a vast number of other common abused words. Thankfully the fellow at http://www.theoatmeal.com has them covered in “10 Words You Need To Stop Misspelling.”

I love reading as well as writing, drawing, and chasing my son around. At the moment I’m “about to pop” with a second child, which means the walls may well soon be covered with claw marks. Hopefully I’ll channel the coming boredom with more writing!

My favorite books, authors, etc are all listed under About Me as well as the types of books I write and where you can find me in the social haven we call the Internet.