Three Day Weekends

While the regular two-day weekend allows for extra tickling-time for the kiddos, three-day weekends don’t seem to last as long. I’ve noticed this phenomenon occurs more often the more children you have.

Surprisingly enough, today felt like a real Saturday! Normal Saturdays are spent “doing stuff” like shopping, wandering around malls, and tickling children (usually our own children). From time to time there’s a birthday party, sometimes even two on the same weekend.

Part of me is still coming to grips with the fact that, this Monday, I will get to stay home and not work WITHOUT a migraine! shakes fist at head I mean that! No migraines! My plans thus far are to sleep, eat, soak in the tub with a book or game (smartphones are awesome like that), tickle Deia, play this AWESOME NEW GAME that just came out called Guild Wars 2, and maybe convince the hubby to get cheesecake. Mmmm….cheesecake. They have super nomnom cheesecake at Nation’s, along with eggs and bacon and sausage…mostly low-carb, right? 😀

Since I’m feeling relaxed and enjoying my weekend thus far (My Little Pony and Phineas and Ferb reruns always make me giggle), it was actually very easy to login on my blog to post a snippet. Thanks to all the people who made it possible for us to celebrate holidays with days off! 🙂

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