It’s interesting how families tend to do things simultaneously with no collaboration. My mother in law and her siblings often have similar things happen, such as purchasing the same new computer, buying a car on the same day, etc. My brother in law found a box of high school papers the same day I found an old folder on my computer filled with old writings. It brought to mind many other stories I’d written as a teen, including one about a girl named Lila. Lila was a transplant to the States from Holland. I’d just found out that Holland was built on water, and as a child I’d read a lot of older books that were set in Holland. I can’t remember their names, but they frequently contained iceskating and whatnot. Lila was raised similarly to myself (parallels!) and was dealing with her new life with a familiar religion to support her. At the time I was very religious, but in my present condition I’m very much anti-religion. She was a naive, caring girl who was trying to fit into a new society, but was learning how to fit in using her old system. One particular part I recall was when Lila went to a fifth-hand thrift store and found books on etiquette. She read that a man should always start her car and help put ice in her icebox. Little things like that made up most of the stories, along with a not-so-secret crush on another member of the church she went to. Poor fellow — he thought she was beautiful and nice, but she seemed like a twit! They were all written in notebooks, however, and I have no idea where those wound up. Ahh, the Internet age! If only I’d typed them out when I got my first computer. If anything, they would be highly anecdotal. The drawing here is of Lila, done around 1999/2000. Dad had just gotten me my first tablet (a serial Aiptek) and it came with ArtDabbler. This was one of the first drawings done with it.

One thing I’ve learned from all of this: scan in those things your kids bring home! You don’t have to keep them in a box collecting dust; they can be stored on your computer. Just don’t forget to back up!!

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