My posts have lately been centered around a more self-help perspective than the usual writer-talking-about-writing-stuff. By “Self-Help” I hope you all understand the posts are from my perspective and aren’t intended to fit the world. Just as an author writes in the genre they are good at, a person lives the life they’re good at. Well I suppose you could write in any genre regardless of how much you enjoy it, but I prefer to stick to what I like!

Meryl’s been getting WEIRDER AND WEIRDER. The book, not the character. The character is definitely turning into a strange person as well, but things keep happening that I just hadn’t planned for! I’ve read several different “writing process” type suggestions that range from “get the outline” to “write on the fly.” It’s the same with drawing or art of any sort. Some people work very well within a structure, and some give up on their structured pieces if they try.

I’ve got PLANS to do the nanowrimo this year (I will do it I swear!!! I will!) and have been struggling with what to write. It has to be something you start fresh, and you have all of November to write 50,000 words. You can’t start it in October and finish in November. For me, if I don’t finish Meryl by then (and I’m 1/3 of the way through my new goal), it WILL be the first novel I finish. I’ve finally settled on a sort-of strange idea for a book that’s based on a recurring dream of mine. Generally with my recurring dreams, I feel they’re some sort of flashback to a previous life. While in some circles it could be considered “Non Fiction” to write about a previous life, I’m pretty sure that’d be stretching it a bit for most of the world. Since I intend on taking some poetic license with the story anyway, I’ve already started preparing it mentally as a more fiction-type story. Reading about a previous life could get really boring if it’s presented like an auto-biography. What would a previous life book be called anyway? Pre-biography?

The story is actually really really depressing and sad and has no true happy ending. The optimist in me is sorting out the ending to figure out how to make it happier, or at least have some take-away from all the sadness. In the dream version there are a few things that are different, but ultimately the gist of the story will be relayed. I hope it helps people in similar situations understand people like the characters in the book. Other than that, it’s really not going to be one of those OMG YAY yippy skippy things. It wouldn’t be classified as Romance or Mystery or Sci-Fi. What genre is Sad Lit anyway?

On a rather unrelated note, I’ve switched back to using Disqus instead of the Jetpack comment system. Apparently I’d need to completely reinstall WordPress on my domain to get it working again, possibly maybe, so I opted to just go back to what I know works.

My Brother-In-Law’s new book, Dissolution of Peace, will be out on October 16th 2012. I’ve had a chance to read the book (before it was done being edited) and can say with confidence the story is really awesome! It’s available on Kindle and Paperback through Amazon so be sure to pick up a copy. He’s put a lot of work into making a truly great book. You can pre-order your copy now by clicking the link up there. The link also has a pretty snazzy video for the book. My daughter loves dancing to the music 😀

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