Moo Family – Book 3 – Happy Birthday, Moo!

This book was written for my daughter’s third birthday. When we received the print proof (she’s collecting all of the proofs), we had to hide it before she recognized the proof box it shipped in. She received it at her birthday party, and immediately started showing everyone her new Moo book.

Deia’s showing the camera and everyone watching her new Moo book in the photo above. She tried to show it to everyone on the playground, along with her new plushies. What a silly girl 🙂

In this Moo Family book, you’ll meet Moo’s friends, and watch her open presents.

Sorry about the quality of the cover preview on all of the websites – for some reason, the image doesn’t render very well with smaller pictures. I’ve tried different formats to see if it helps, but it still looks the same. The print version is a beautiful, bright red!

eBook Version:
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Print Version:
Barnes & Noble

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