My fantastic new 26-days-of-blogging goal seems to have gotten off to a rather rocky start. Tuesday afternoon I got hit with a wonderful new invention, the epithet-epithet Migraine. If you haven’t tried one yet, you’re really missing out. This particular one lasted through the middle of Wednesday, when I started to feel marginally ogre-like. By this morning I’d finally magically transformed back into a human (yes! I’m a human!).

For some reason migraines always seem like battles to me, which probably doesn’t help them disappear quickly. By the time they’re finally over there’s this euphoric, exhaustive relief that surrounds my psyche and leaves me introspective. As someone who is normally gregarious like nerve endings near a deep gushing wound, going inward like that is extremely weird. Weird?!? I’m sorry, I can’t think of any other word that explains it so well. I feel weird.

One of the aspects of my SELF that I’ve always kept private is my belief in things outside what is seen, heard, tasted, etc. How can you not believe in something outside your scope of senses? There are all manner of things going on “under the hood” for everyone. I’ve always been able to play-back a tune in my head as thought it were playing live right in front of me. I’ve got life “snapshots” from various points in my life imprinted on my mind that are interpreted differently depending on how old I am. Who is to say that guy over there can’t hear me thinking about how my hair never stays flat? What makes you think your Uncle Damien isn’t actually standing next to you telling you he loves you too?

As a writer, I know it is imperative that I understand what is real and what isn’t or I’ll get roped into the universes of my imagination. Being a reader has similar pitfalls, however the writer of those worlds is often so different from you, you’ll never be able to “agree” enough on things to get confused. While I don’t believe every aspect of my “worlds,” I do still feel there’s more in the world I DO live in than I’ll ever understand or be able to wrap my mind around. If you think about it INTROSPECTIVELY you’ll see the typical human reaction to something not quite understood is more complex than their outward expressions. If a dog walked up to you and transformed into a human (hopefully not naked!), what would you do? I myself would freak out, run away, and have myself locked up. I’m not that loony. Someone else may decide “oh, it was a trick of the light” or “That human sure looks like a doggy” or may even completely deny someone was there at all. Because of our own hangups, beliefs, expectations and patterns we’ll usually react in similar manners to similar situations. If I’m always freaking out when doggies turn into men, I’ll probably always freak out when I see ghosts or zombies. If you decide you’re just on the set of a movie, that may be how you always react to the strange things in life.

If enough people say something, it magically becomes true. Magic is everywhere and nowhere, but we don’t believe because it’s that annoying flare of light reflecting in the chrome license plate frame of the car ahead of you. It’s there, but if you turn your head it ISN’T there, so just keep your head turned and it’ll never be there.

Science was once considered Magic. Thanks to the Periodic Table of Elements, we were able to categorize and explore within boundaries things that before had caused people to be drowned, slaughtered or burned alive. If you combine this element with that, the other thing happens. Killing someone who discovered or repeated this did not make that combination go away. Not doing it made it not happen, so if you don’t do that then it doesn’t exist and you can ignore it.

Thanks to the advances in science, we have found a technological fountain of youth. What before was myth has now become scientific. We have medicine to cure almost anything from headaches to those unknown maladies that often left loved ones (and hated ones) dead. Hell, we’re so in love with taking a pill for everything, we take them to keep showing our spouses we love them, take them to keep from having babies we hadn’t planned for, and to keep our nutrients up even though we don’t eat veggies. How many other things exist in our world that could be considered magic in another time or place? We already have moving pictures and singing boxes. We talk to people using hand extensions we press to our faces. We wiggle our fingers over plastic letters and make things appear in the light. We transport our food in magic containers that keep it cold, store food in bigger containers that never get warm, and put food in dinging machines that make it warm very quickly. Don’t get me started on those moving boxes with wheels: those are very obviously caused by evil witches who should be locked away forever.

I’m not saying we’ll be hanging out with ghosts anytime soon, but there has got to be more in this world than we’ve discovered so far. Those magical scientists are finding new types of life every day, from the Chilean Jungle to the frozen slopes of Antarctica. How can we be so jaded a culture when we’re surrounded by the most advanced magic the world has ever seen? How can we believe we’ve seen it all when we can see even more now, better than we have ever seen before? Life is exploration, learning, growing and discovering. We’ll never be done with any of it because there will always be more we don’t know. Let us all be like children and learn as though we had never learned anything before.

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