Food: My Love/Hate Relationship

My least-favorite question on a personal questionnaire is “Favorite Food.” Seriously, do people have a FAVORITE? I’ve got a much shorter list of “Lease Favorite Food,” such as Tofu, Bamboo and Water Chestnuts. Oh, Goat cheese is now also a least favorite food, as well as any cheese in the bleu family.

I “converted” mentally to a lower-carb lifestyle several years ago. Recently I’ve discovered a (probable/possible) gluten intolerance. I’ll be the first to admit giving up potatoes is the hardest part of being LC (low carb). You can take away all those other ones, like breads and pastas, but potatoes are the one that makes me sob uncontrollably. Beans are delicious, but not as hard to give up as potatoes. Great — now I want a baked potato covered in salt and pepper ;.; Thanks, blog!

While reducing my carb intake is actually the ONLY diet I can remember I’m on (and thus successfully lose weight), it never occurred to me to look for gluten in the carb-free foods I’ve always consumed. It would be assumed that gluten, as a carb-y food, would not be in low-carb foods. Assumption gets me in trouble every damn time, I swear! Anyway, so filtering the gluten out of my diet is proving to be the hardest part! Giving up potatoes was difficult, but since it doesn’t have gluten, I don’t have to cower in terror if it’s near my protein. Well good! I love my potatoes! You know, perhaps I’m not gluten intolerant. Perhaps I’m just anti-gluten!

My husband always tells people “don’t listen to her, she’s not interested in it for the health benefits” whenever I’d go on-and-on-and-on-and-on (I won’t get started here or you’ll use this blog instead of Ambien) about how great low-carb is. My whole family on my mother’s side has always had susceptibility to what we’ve all deemed “hypoglycemia.” Normally Hypoglycemia is a side-effect of insulin usage for diabetics. None of us is diabetic and we all have salt-tooths more than sweet-tooths anyway. No doctor has ever confirmed any form of hypoglycemia in any of us. In fact, during the summer months when we’re enjoying 100+ degree (Fahrenheit) weather, despite plenty of fluids I have a tendency toward passing out/graying out/falling over. I’ve been dragged to the hospital on numerous occasions and it’s always been determined that my blood sugar is JUST FINE, normal as can be, no problems! On my Mother’s side, low blood pressure does run in the family, so I’m fairly certain our “Hypoglycemia” is really just low blood pressure. I was having an Allergy panel done one day and hadn’t eaten yet (I like to savor my food, and pending needle stabbings do not allow for savoring). There was a teeny bit of blood exiting my body, but it was enough to set me into a grey-out. They dragged me to a bed, lay me down, then stuck a blood-pressure monitor on me. The lady almost freaked out at my numbers (which were between 45 and 50) before saying “well wait, what’s your normal range?” Thankfully dropping so little made it “better” (I wasn’t dead), but she was still pretty freaked out. I did not get to savor that breakfast 🙁

While blood pressure is definitely one of the factors in the family’s “hypoglycemia,” it may also be exasperated by a gluten intolerance. There’s a panel you can do to determine if you have genetic markers for gluten intolerance, so I’m in the process of getting that handled (it’s a very awkward question to ask, for sure!). I did start reading a book called “Wheat Belly,” which seems to be a compilation encyclopedia of all-the-things-gluten-does-to-you. It covers a lot of territory and offers recipes and meal-planning as well. It really opened my eyes to all the issues surrounding gluten intolerance/celiac/etc. I’ve always felt healthier and less “dizzy” while on low-carb, which I’d attributed to the family’s hypoglycemia. I stress the less, since it still happened from time to time, just not as often. After determining I’m nowhere near hypoglycemic from a medical standpoint, I had to re-align my thinking. I’m so glad I got “Wheat Belly”! Cross your fingers for me that I can get rid of my wheat belly xD

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