Consistent Blogging

I’ve never been able to do things consistently for any length of time. I’ll get bored, find excuses, or some awesome new game will come out. I remember the first time I discovered other people brushed their teeth multiple times a day. The tenacity! People could do the same thing multiple times a day? I was almost in High School, and discovered inadvertently that people who DIDN’T brush their teeth had atrocious breath. It’s almost rude, if you think about it, to talk to someone for who-knows-how-long without even considering how rank you smell every time you open your mouth. I’ve always been a talker, so it was imperative that I correct any potential oversight on my part. For years I carried gum and mints around, and if any talking started, I’d whip out some gum (and share) or pop a mint. A larger change was brushing my teeth more often. As was mentioned before, repetition gets monotonous! I had recently learned of a “new” technique for memorization: repeat something a minimum of 26 times, and you were sure to remember. Now I didn’t think brushing my teeth 26 times in a day would be particularly healthy. Bleeding gums just don’t strike me as particularly beneficial. I did, however, set myself a goal of 26 DAYS. Surprisingly it didn’t take more than a week to get my tooth-brushing all those times a day habitual. To this day, I don’t feel particularly clean if I don’t brush my teeth before leaving the house. I still carry around a tin of mints, but gum chewing seems too horse-chewing-ish, so I stay away from it if I can.

A fellow writer set a goal of one blog a week (minimum) and wound up with a few extra blogs on top of that for the past year. I’m shocked if I write two in one month. It isn’t really that I rationalize and procrastinate my week away, but more along the lines of really not having anything to blog about. At one point I considered writing short stories instead of regaling people with boring personal tales. My brother-in-law managed to convince me against that, particularly in light of future publishing capability. That is actually one of the reasons I’ve opted for the more claw-your-way-up Indie Author route. I don’t have to answer to a contract from a publishing house, so I can write wherever I want. I think blogs are the acceptable way for writers to get words out without having a contract breathing down their neck. You get this sense of freedom for the length of the blog entry. It doesn’t even matter if someone ever reads it, because the writer can go back and re-read something and say “Hey! That’s not a bad idea. I can turn that into a chapter!”

I actually forget a lot of what happens day-to-day if I don’t note it somewhere. I rely quite heavily on the written word, verifying and double-checking my memories when things don’t quite match up. I’m one of those (seriously annoying) people who is lucky to remember what they’ve just said. It’s much easier to hold a conversation with me via text, E-Mail or IM than verbally, mainly because of that memory thing. It’s like my brain has to fart out these thoughts, after which it can let them disappear into the ether without bothering to store them. Don’t ask me “What?” because I’ll say “huh?” and we’ll wind up in a never-ending state of confusion. Just pretend I said something deeply profound and necessary, and feel the resonation deep in your soul.

So, setting a 26 day goal of blogging every day isn’t a bad idea. I rely heavily on Google Calendar (I LOVE GOOGLE! I don’t like the blogger platform though, don’t take it personally) so I’m as-I-type-this simultaneously adding it to my calendar (I can’t remember much but I do awesome at multi-tasking, go figure). At lunch-time sharp every day for the next 26 days, I will write a blog! I’ll set a minimum wordcount of…hey, that’s a good idea for a blog! “What is an acceptable minimum wordcount for a blog entry?” Right, I’ll go research that and get back to you tomorrow. Sweet!

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