Moo Family

Moo Mommy Moo Daddy Moo Moo (1) Meow Lil Inky Kraken Dapper (1) rachelmooAlexmoo FredamooBKmoo
Daddy Moo:
The father of Moo, he helps his daughter learn and grow as any good father should. He may come across as a bit grumpy, but he always finds a smile for his daughter.
Featured in the Moo Family books:
It’s Bedtime, Moo!
Say Please and Thank You, Moo!
Happy Birthday, Moo!

Mommy Moo:
As Moo’s Mommy, she works with Daddy Moo to help keep their daughter out of trouble. She tries to be one step ahead of her daughter whenever possible.
Featured in the Moo Family books:
It’s Bedtime, Moo!
Say Please and Thank You, Moo!
Happy Birthday, Moo!
Moo’s New Friend
Moo is the main character in the Moo Family and Moo School books. With each book, she learns something new to help her become an awesome grown-up.
She’s featured in every Moo Family and Moo School book.
Moo (Purple):
Purple Moo is also known as the original Moo in the author’s household. She was designed for her daughter, so is referred to as “Deia Moo” to the family. Deia is pronounced “Day-uh.” She’s part of the Moo and Friends team, and likes to hang out with the Moo Family. Deia Moo is a bit of a troublemaker, but has a heart of gold underneath her antics. She’s a bit older than Moo, and can sometimes be a naughty role model as a result.
She makes her debut in the Happy Birthday, Moo! book, along with a few of the other Moo Friends.
Fashioned after the author’s husband, who makes no secret of his penguin half, Dapper considers himself the father-figure of the Moo and Friends team. He loves flirting and chatting with other folks who share his interests. His family is the most important team for him, and he’ll put them above everything and everyone else.
While Dapper is the author’s husband, Meow is the author herself. She considers herself the mother-figure of the Moo and Friends team. Her cat-self gets along well with Dapper, although her claws can pop out when he flirts a little too much with others. She truly believes that Daddies are for tickles, and Mommies are for snuggles. If you need a snuggle, she’s available with furry paws!
Lil Inky:
The real-life brother to Deia Moo, Lil Inky is a part-time land-kraken. He spends the rest of his time under the sea. As a member of the Moo and Friends team, he makes sure to drag them all on his grand adventures, wherever they might lead. Lil Inky has his own series, as well as making cameo appearances in the Moo books.
The real-life best friend/sis-by-love of Meow’s human counterpart, Hootenanny is everything an owl should be. She has a branch, has owlish eyes, and says “Hoot” all the time. She’s recently been married to a special someone, who may be later featured in a book. You can check out her website at
Sasha Moo:
A recent new friend of Moo from the Moo Family, Sasha Moo shows Moo how fun wheelchairs can be. They became instant friends after they met, and spend as much time together as they can. She’s designed after a friend of the author’s daughter, who is one of the sweetest girls she knows. She’s always ready to snuggle up to read a book or watch a show. Sasha Moo’s debut appearance is in the book Moo’s New Friend.


BK Moo:
BK Moo is Sasha Moo’s Snuggly Daddy.
He loves long walks on a beach with Sasha Moo, The NY Yankees, and chocolate.
His first appearance was in Sasha Moo’s first book, Moo’s New Friend.


Freda Moo:
Freda Moo is Sasha Moo’s Warrior Mommy.
She loves advocating for the disabled, supporting equal rights (for everyone, not just you), Bernie Sanders, and Coffee.
Freda Moo also loves coffee, as well as coffee. Tea is not coffee.
Freda Moo’s first appearance was in Sasha Moo’s first book, Moo’s New Friend.


Alex Moo:
Alex Moo is Sasha Moo’s very protective big brother.
He loves bass guitar, money, cheeseburgers not made by his mother, and Mediterranean food.
Alex Moo’s debut in the Moo books was in Sasha Moo’s first book, Moo’s New Friend.

Rachel Moo:
Rachel Moo is Sasha Moo’s absolutely loving big sister.
She adores theater, singing, sushi, and rainbow flags.
Her first appearance is in Sasha Moo’s first book, Moo’s New Friend.