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Moo’s New Friend is released!

The fourth Moo Family book, Moo’s New Friend, was finally released! I was excited and scared, since this children’s book touches on a very sensitive subject for many. I had the help of Sasha Moo’s real-life Mommy in writing and vetting it, so it is as accurate as we’re able to make it. Since there are […]

The Author’s Creed (and ego)

Thou shalt not steal stories from others! That’s one of the creeds every good author lives by. It encompasses story suggestions from friends, fans, and critics. It covers anything you share with the author to proof read or test read. Don’t get me wrong, though. Original thought isn’t so much hard to come by, as it […]


It’s Bedtime, Moo! available in paperback now!

My daughter has already made the proof we received of “It’s Bedtime, Moo!” quite dog-eared from reading it over and over and over. She has mastered “her” parts, specifically “YAY! DUCKY!” and “BRUSHA BRUSHA BRUSHA.” Considering she was part of the inspiration for the book, that’s totally cool with me! The proof was quickly approved […]

Consistent Blogging

I’ve never been able to do things consistently for any length of time. I’ll get bored, find excuses, or some awesome new game will come out. I remember the first time I discovered other people brushed their teeth multiple times a day. The tenacity! People could do the same thing multiple times a day? I […]

NaNoWriMo, Life, Nephew’s Book

First things first! My nephew wrote a book a few years ago and it’s finally all published! It was actually published a while ago, but I haven’t updated since it went on sale, so I’m mentioning it now. You can get it on createspace here: Daddy is Tired – Createspace, or on Amazon here: Daddy […]

Character Interviews

I’ve read that doing character interviews can help you flesh out your characters, and get better acquainted with them. Using Google Forms, I setup a list of questions. Here’s the list I came up with: What is your character’s name?Describe your eyesDescribe your hairWhat are some distinguishing characteristics?Describe your bodyWhat is your biggest fear?What makes […]


It’s interesting how families tend to do things simultaneously with no collaboration. My mother in law and her siblings often have similar things happen, such as purchasing the same new computer, buying a car on the same day, etc. My brother in law found a box of high school papers the same day I found an […]