Moo Family – Book 3 – Happy Birthday, Moo!

This book was written for my daughter’s third birthday. When we received the print proof (she’s collecting all of the proofs), we had to hide it before she recognized the proof box it shipped in. She received it at her birthday party, and immediately started showing everyone her new Moo book. Deia’s showing the camera […]


2014 Year In Review

Happy new year, everyone! I hope you all find what you want and need in 2015. Let’s make this year as awesome as it can be! 2014 was a pretty great year. I try to take each day as it comes, never expecting anything in particular, and never putting one day too high above another. […]


It’s Bedtime, Moo! – New Book, New Series!

After a recent round of doodling cows and krakens for my children, two good friends in my life suggested that I write a book for children. Believe it or not, there is an unfinished children’s book somewhere on my stove of books-to-finish! Gasp, an unfinished book? Say it isn’t so! Given how long it took […]


I Have A New Book – Personality Runes!

Personality Runes Cover I have so many other books to finish, but this one kept calling to me. The ideas behind Personality Runes were ones I’ve used myself over the past several years. I never thought to share it beyond some hastily-scribbled random words, posted on a digital flashcard site. As I delved deeper into […]

Two shorts on Kindle

So, Kindle Direct Publishing finished approving/converting my two short stories sometime this morning. Very exciting (for me, anyway!) 😀 The lowest price I could set them to was 99 cents, but the program does let me offer five days where the price is FREE! Since you don’t have to use the days all at once, […]