WIP – Moo’s New Friend – Moo Family #4

The fourth book in the Moo Family series features Moo’s new friend, Sasha Moo. Sasha Moo uses a wheelchair to get around. She may not be able to run around like others, but she can do so many other awesome things! Moo tells us all about her day with her new best friend, Sasha Moo, […]


Moo Family – Book 3 – Happy Birthday, Moo!

This book was written for my daughter’s third birthday. When we received the print proof (she’s collecting all of the proofs), we had to hide it before she recognized the proof box it shipped in. She received it at her birthday party, and immediately started showing everyone her new Moo book. Deia’s showing the camera […]


It’s Bedtime, Moo! – New Book, New Series!

After a recent round of doodling cows and krakens for my children, two good friends in my life suggested that I write a book for children. Believe it or not, there is an unfinished children’s book somewhere on my stove of books-to-finish! Gasp, an unfinished book? Say it isn’t so! Given how long it took […]