The Author’s Creed (and ego)

Thou shalt not steal stories from others! That’s one of the creeds every good author lives by. It encompasses story suggestions from friends, fans, and critics. It covers anything you share with the author to proof read or test read. Don’t get me wrong, though. Original thought isn’t so much hard to come by, as it […]


It’s Bedtime, Moo! available in paperback now!

My daughter has already made the proof we received of “It’s Bedtime, Moo!” quite dog-eared from reading it over and over and over. She has mastered “her” parts, specifically “YAY! DUCKY!” and “BRUSHA BRUSHA BRUSHA.” Considering she was part of the inspiration for the book, that’s totally cool with me! The proof was quickly approved […]


It’s Bedtime, Moo! – New Book, New Series!

After a recent round of doodling cows and krakens for my children, two good friends in my life suggested that I write a book for children. Believe it or not, there is an unfinished children’s book somewhere on my stove of books-to-finish! Gasp, an unfinished book? Say it isn’t so! Given how long it took […]


I Have A New Book – Personality Runes!

Personality Runes Cover I have so many other books to finish, but this one kept calling to me. The ideas behind Personality Runes were ones I’ve used myself over the past several years. I never thought to share it beyond some hastily-scribbled random words, posted on a digital flashcard site. As I delved deeper into […]

Website Move and Update

In case you haven’t noticed, we moved to Blogger! WordPress is a great product, but Blogger has a lot of features built-in and doesn’t require constant updating to the latest version. Apparently if there’s an update, it happens automatically. That’s pretty cool! By my calculations, it’s been almost a YEAR since I last posted an […]


My posts have lately been centered around a more self-help perspective than the usual writer-talking-about-writing-stuff. By “Self-Help” I hope you all understand the posts are from my perspective and aren’t intended to fit the world. Just as an author writes in the genre they are good at, a person lives the life they’re good at. […]

Ps and Qs + Work Appreciation

I’ve been working with the same company for over four years now and was recently reminded of how I’d gotten started here to begin with. When I first was hired, within the month my boss had to take a two-month leave of absence (he broke his foot really badly). Instead of freaking out that I […]